Recipient of the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (Sep 2023)

World First AI-Powered Social Media Influencer SaaS

Viralizard AI

AI-powered Social Media Solution

AI-Powered web app SaaS platform for social media influencers empowering anyone to build their personal brand with engaging content, expand their audience reach, and monetise their presence.

Influencer Persona AI

Generate platform-specific profiles and taglines using AI transformer, based on the influencer’s personal characteristics.

  • Work history and personal story
  • Educational background
  • Personal interests and hobbies
  • Personality and writing style
Content Strategy AI

Formulate personalised cross-platform content mix strategy, including posting frequency, content type and theme.

  • Short text content (Twitter, Weibo)
  • Long-form text content (LinkedIn, Zhihu)
  • Short video content (TikTok, IG Reels, Xigua)
  • Long-form video content (YouTube)
Trend Analysis + Content Creation AI

1. Fetch

Fetching the latest news stories from media outlets and social media based on content strategy.

2. Rank

Employ AI/NLP embeddings to shortlist stories by relevance to the required theme and profile.

3. Create

Cross-platform AI transformer text and graphics content generation based on the selected story and user profile.

Social Media Audience Engagement AI

Integration with all major social media platforms to schedule content post based on the content mix strategy and schedule

Content performance analytics and audience engagement, AI automated replies and likes to comments